selected solo performances and exhibitions

2019 performance piece for no crowd, rancho cucamonga, ca
2018 untitled, instagram, streamed from kansas city, mo
taegen in taegen live streams (reprise), facebook, kansas city, mo
2017 knives, facebook, kansas city, mo
untitled, facebook, portage, wi
ICD 10 F20.1 work, facebook, moreno valley, ca
total disintergration (in two parts), facebook, rancho cucamonga, ca
afro blue, facebook, rancho cucamonga, ca
taegen is making revolution, facebook, salem, or
listening session/takedown/rebuilding, facebook, salem, or
i'm being me, facebook, salem, or
2016 it stop i go, facebook, rancho cucamonga, ca
avoiding christmas in church, san bernardino, ca
Bored, facebook, moreno valley, ca
untitled, facebook, moreno valley, ca
Starbucks, facebook, moreno valley, ca
untitled, vanguard art gallery, moreno valley, ca

selected group performances and exhibitions

2019 Tim Tsang meets Txgen Meyer, 5walls + IGHT, rancho cucamonga, california
2017 untitled, facebook, moreno valley, ca
hello, facebook, salem, or
2016 because me, facebook, rancho cucamonga, ca
Thunder, facebook, salem, or
Hashbrowns, facebook, moreno valley, ca