txgen meyer is an itinerant conceptual artist, independent transdisciplinary researcher, and private tutor.

i just want to feel liberated txgen meyer
"i just want to feel liberated", 2018
spray paint on concrete
(est.) 110cm × 40cm
her current research spans a wide range of Univesres of reference including linguistics, urban design, music criticism, and non-equilibrium thermodynamics. in her writings and artistic practice, she primarily explores the threats of capture and domination presented by integrated world capitalism (IWC) and the attributes of cosmic landscapes. following, her work is multithreaded, cheifly composed of:

txgen is the creative director of InterGalactic HyperText (IGHT), a hypergalactic collective of artisan-musicians. she is also a member of the arts group cybaby and runs the fucking around reading group. txgen occupies her free time with psychogeograpy, curating music playlists, recreational photography, and playing strategy and simulation video games on her laptop. you can find her youtube channel here.

for inquiries regarding commissions or tutorials, or if you just want to chat, please email her.