my primary research topics include schizoanalysis, french art history from 1910-1970, french philosophy from 1945 to today (metaphysics, epistemology, and political philsophy), afro-pessimism, postcolonial studies and african american cultural history from 1970 to today.

my secondary reseach topics include existentialism, structuralism (linguistics and anthropology), greek philosophy (classical, cynicism, neoplatonism), psychoanalysis (particularly freud, lacan, reich, klein, and oury), the Annales school of historiography, karl marx (economics and metaphysics), baruch spinoza (Ethics, metaphysics), phyiscal chemistry, and arabic neoplatonism (epistemology and metaphysics).

i have been tutoring since july 2017, with the majority of my tutorials concentrating on schizoanalysis and its offspring, while also moving through spinoza, simondon, virilio, and nietzsche. i have also covered schelling, hjelmslev, kierkegaard, and bergson in tutorials.


invited talks and discussions