as a tutor, i help tutees cultivate an understanding of speculative modes of reasoning and apprehend conceptual tools to aid future experimentation through curriculum developed uniquely for each tutee.

the topics i am most comfortable tutoring include schizoanalysis, french philosophy from 1945-1990 (metaphysics, epistemology, and political philsophy), afro-pessimism, neoplatonism, and german idealism.

you may view my research page for a full list of my research interests.

i employ variable-length sessions. the length of a standard session can vary from 40-80 minutes. an extended session can vary from 60-120 minutes. the general schedule for the session should flow as such:

regular extended
urgent questions 15-45 min. 25-60
elucidations 20-30 25-40
goal assesment and adjustment 5-15 10-20

the cost of an individual standard length session is 30$, and an extended length session is 45$. if you are interested in weekly sessions, the cost is 25$ and 35$ per standard or extended session respectively, paid monthly. cost reductions on the basis of financial constraints will be considered on a case by case basis.

below are examples of the long term structure of tutorials with me.
example 8 week tutorial: learn about mbembe
example 12 week tutorial: understand dromoscopy
example 18 week tutorial: read a thousand plateaus

to schedule a breif consultation session, email me or text me at +1 951 796 4933. sessions will take place in person near downtown los angeles, over skype, or over the telephone.